The Heera Foundation aims:

  • To raise awareness of mental health and mindfulness within our community by enabling access to existing services.

  • To support existing organisations to influence and educate our community in ensuring that physical and emotional well-being is a priority for everyone.

The Heera Foundation has been networking with existing organisations which support and guide communities and individuals on mental health issues.  We have liaised with Papyrus- 'Prevention of Yong Suicide', Maytree-a sanctuary for the suicidal and MIND in Birmingham and other organisations to deepen our own knowledge and insight into what support is available when one is suffering.  As part of this journey, we have created a mental health support card with these key contacts, telephone numbers and websites for anyone to access at any point where they may feel vulnerable. The aim of our card is to enable you to talk to someone.  We need to talk openly about mental health and remove all stigma within our communities.  It is good to seek help and guidance in a time of darkness and The Heera Foundation wants to show you that ray of hope.  Please help us share The Heera Foundation Support Card via Facebook etc  Thank you.  We will also be distributing our card with the help of Midland Langar Seva Society and the Jet Singh Trust, who are kindly supporting our cause.

We are truly humbled Gabhru Punjab De for your overwhelming support and compassion in believing in our mission. Thank you for the funds that you have raised to help us to ensure awareness of Mental Health Support for members of the community. Thank you also for giving us the strength that we need to make our mission possible. Your guidance, diamond like charisma and generosity is valued and much appreciated by The Heera Foundation. 💎



Whatever the weather- from sunny spells to the artic conditions endured today- The Heera Foundation is out there spreading our message on Mental Health and Mindfulness! Thank you to all West Bromwich Albion Fans and Football Club for such a fantastic welcome with the fanzone today. We have distributed so many of resources- support cards, thoughts and feelings cards and stickers which promote wellbeing and links to existing organisations that are there to help. It certainly was a family affair!


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